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Trading in Binary Options, Forex/CFD carry a high level of risk to your capital due to the volatility of the underlying markeT. However, Binary options has opened up financial markets to people around the entire world and simplified the once complex world of global finance.

With over $5.3 Trillion traded daily in the binary options and forex market, we are dedicated to giving our clients their own share of the money daily. As a leading global market maker, Platinum has become one of the World's Largest Independent online traders and funds managers with clients from all over the world and all spheres of businesses.

Platinum’s Mission Is to bring Binary Options Trading To The Masses.

Our Services

Among the many areas we serve, IGI Invest Company offers premium services in the following areas.

Financial Planning

We offer our clients a comprehensive evaluation of their current pay and future financial state. Every hard working individual deserves to enjoy the benefits of their service even when they can no longer serve, If you have your sights set on your retirement plans or perhaps you have a financial target or need to acquire a new home, car, or fund your business and projects . Maybe you need extra cash for that dream vacation , and whatever your goals are we are equipped to help to help you execute the perfect financial plan.

Affordable Plans

IGI Invest Company offers an investment platform structured for people from all walks of life. With our affordable IGI Seeds plans (PSP) . Virtually every one can have access to our investment plans. We also have outstanding premium plans to accommodate your financial ambitions . No matter what your goals are long term or short term , regardless of your financial capacity you can start your journey to financial security with us.

Investment Diversification

We transfer financial asset values across various investment platforms depending on the platform that shows potential of huge returns based on economic parameters. This way we ensure we are getting the best results on every investment stake. We have internally developed software programs that were developed from study in trends and patterns within several markets. These software programs enable our expert traders provide reliable market forecast that guide our activities and deliver great results.


Cryptocurrency is the worlds most exciting economical phenomenon and presently the best performing currency on the planet. IGI Invest Company seizes every opportunity and allows you invest and grow your money in tomorrow's currency. We accept investments in all cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Ethereum , Lite coin and Ripple coin . We invest in the capital markets with cryptocurrency. Ride on the wave of outstanding growth and be part of a revolution that can is poised to change the face of the global money market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To fasten your search for information about our services, below are some Frequently Asked Questions:

The registration procedure is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Please, specify your personal data in the appropriate boxes. After completing the registration you will have access to your Personal account. To enter, use your login and password specified during registration.

Click recover password link, type your username or email and you'll receive your account information.

No. The creation of several accounts with a view to increase of referral bonus on accounts is strictly forbidden.

Yes! You can have as many deposits as you want.

If your deposit was not added for a long time, please contact our support with your transaction details.

Yes! Simply login to your account and click on "Make Deposit" and select the "Spend funds from Account Balance".

Login to your account using your username and password and check the "Withdraw Funds" section.

No, profits are gathered on your IGI Trading account and you can withdraw them anytime.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $1000, and there is no maximum restriction.

We don't charge any fee for withdrawals or for any other type of transaction.

Withdrawal will be processed instantly. In case of any issue, we reserve 24 hours to complete all withdrawal requests. So, please remain patient.

Login to your IGI Trading account and click on the "Account Settings". You can change your password there.

You can't edit your critical information for security reasons. If you need to do this, please contact support.

Yes! All registered participants have the opportunity to receive referral commissions from every deposit of your invited referral.

You can find referral link and banners in the "Promo Materials" section.